Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring cleaning.

it's not quite the spring weather i'd like to be having...but at least the sun has been shining this weekend! i have been getting a head start on "spring cleaning" which includes finally sorting through those old college boxes from way back when, and the more daunting task of organizing my closet...yikes. it's all worth it though since i will be setting up camp in the city for the next two months! more on that packing process to come.....


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

punta del este

inspired by photographs from my parents' recent trip to uruguay, i have been trying to scheme up a worthy post about the area they visited, punta del este. ironically, in last week's new york times there was a great spread on an amazing home guessed it...punta. what perfect timing--thank you new york times travel editors!

to me, this home evokes a true feel of south america (although perhaps that's not fair seeing as i have yet to explore that area....) at any rate, the color palette and almost tribal decor gives off a very nature-inspired and earthy feel. it's simple and primitive and transports you to a peaceful place where the only way to live life is without worry. that being said, i'll be on the next flight to montevideo, sans cares and woes...
Original article: by Paola Singer for The New York Times
Photography: Horacio Paone for The New York Times

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday flair.

i was all set to post this week on a more normal schedule, but unfortunately i've just been consumed (in a good way) with this new project and on top of that i've been studying for an exam...

i'm taking a quick study break to put up a few images that remind me how a pop of color can enhance spaces that otherwise might go unnoticed or would be easy to leave plain or neutral. with color like this you can add a little extra flair to blank wall or a high traffic area, like a staircase.

hope to post more often this week!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

chic apt: tori mellot

sorry for the lack of posts recently, things have been quite hectic! i hope to be back to more regular posting this the meantime, here is one of my fav new york apartments...

former domino editor tori mellot shows us how to make the most of a teeny new york apt. i love her use of pattern to make the space really come to life. i will certainly be taking some inspiration from her!

hope you all are enjoying this lovely sunday.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dream escape: mykonos.

*no sooner did i publish this post but my Jetsetter email came in with a FAB deal on a hotel in Patmos....perhaps a sign i should book now....?

i have wanted to jet off to greece for quite some time now, but i came across this marvelous spread from Architectural Digest (October 2008) and was so inspired by the interior/exterior and that water that i'm thinking i'll have to get there sooner rather than later...

i love the stark white facade against the blue of the sky and ocean. also the use of stone enhances the "natural" look of the house and seems to mimic those cliffsides you can see in the distance. if i could laze around this house i would be one happy camper.....i'd pack nothing but a bathing suit and a white cover up

such a simple and clean interior (and exterior in this case!) makes for a truly relaxed vibe
love this stairwell

this outdoor living from is idyllic
look at those shades of blue! can you imagine lazing on that chaise...

Architecture by: Javier Barba
Photography by: Panagiotis Fotiadis
Original Article: Here
Photos: All from

Friday, March 4, 2011


as one of my most favorite rooms in a home, the kitchen is often a place that most reflects the client's lifestyle; rustic, minimal, cozy...but one thing that all kitchens are is functional, and it's interesting to see how these different spaces evoke creativity and functionality in the same space...

photos: 1. VT Interiors, 2. House Beautiful (Miles Redd), 3. Chapman Interiors, 4. Polarn Per,
5. House Beautiful (Jonathan Adler), 6. Dolce Vita, 7. Elle Decor, 8. Polarn Per

Thursday, March 3, 2011

cream of the crop: milano fall 2011 rtw

some other top picks from the recent shows:

bottega veneta





versace (i MUST have this)


thursday styles: emilio pucci fall 2011 rtw

as many of you probably know, i have always had an affinity for pucci...
peter dundas' newest collection for the house was very fresh and young and along with gucci was definitely one of my more favored shows from milan.


thursday styles: gucci fall 2011 rtw

sorry for the lack of updates, i have been a busy bee!! to make up for it i've done a few extra posts on milan fashion week today.....enjoy! xx

this was one of my more favorite collections from milan fashion week. frida giannini never fails to create amazing looks and these pieces seemed to give off a sort of dick tracy/sleuth/mystery vibe to me....