Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pink Moment...

(This room by Steven Gambrel features Pantone's top color for 2011, Honeysuckle)

(I'm dreaming of coming up from the beach and rinsing off in this perfect outdoor shower)

I'm usually not a huge fan of pink for clothing/interiors, unless it's the occasional small bright pop, but recently I've been inspired by some fabrics I've seen in the D&D and some beautiful amaryllis stems from a recent wedding, which led me to these "pink moment" images that have me craving brighter, warmer, sunnier days...I'm ready to leave this grey winter weather behind and laze in the sun for hours.

Photos: Casa Venezia via Patterson Maker, Martha Stewart bedroom via Canadian House & Home, Corrie Bond for Marie Claire, Steven gambrel via Canadian House & Home, outdoor shower Elle Decor, Uxua Casa Hotel via Habitually Chic


Yesterday I had a delicious brunch with friends downtown, followed by a fantastic lecture at the Winter Antiques Show. Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz's lecture, "Wallpaper in Vogue" was focused on her fabulous book, Wallpaper: A History of Style and Trends. I have always had a wild obsession with wallpaper so I was thrilled with the opportunity to learn more about the craft from someone as knowledgeable as Ms. Thibaut-Pomerantz. Splitting her time between New York and Paris, (lucky lady!) Carolle's expertise lies in French Antique wallpapers dating from the late 18th century through the Art Deco period. It was amazing to learn more about the history of wallpaper itself as well as the important manufacturers during these periods. Some of the images of original wood-block papers blew me away (including REAL Zuber papers!) Ms. Pomerantz has discovered and restored some amazing panels, and while she has kept some for her personal collection, she has also sold some to museums, including the Met where I will certainly be visiting to view a few of these amazing decors in person! I left feeling completely inspired......but also wishing that I could fly off to my chateau in France which would of course be covered in some of these beautiful antique french papers....


P.S. Did you know that there are only two museums in the world dedicated to wallpaper? One is the Musee du Papier Peint in Rixheim-Alsace, France and the other is the Deutches Tapetenmuseum in Kassel, Germany.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ideal winter retreat

I'm sure everyone has already seen photos of Amanda Brooks' parent's fantastic Adirondack cabin through APT with LSD on or through countless other blogs...but I couldn't resist posting it here as well! I have been a longtime fan of Brooks' style and was excited to get a peak into her family's house; it's always interesting to see how people's style might (or might not) reflect the spaces they are surrounded by. Rustic, cozy interiors infused with details of family history make for an ideal winter retreat (or fall, spring and summer too, for that matter!) It's not too done-up, but instead keeps to a relaxed, laid back vibe, which Amanda seems to project so effortlessly in her personal style.

I love the long porch (it extends on either side.) Perfect for storing winter gear or having dinner on a warm summer night.

I love the rustic details like the wood paneled walls, canoe and chandelier. (Sidenote: the canoe was originally made by hand for Alfred Vanderbilt and Brooks' parents acquired it after an auction. See the full story here)

The kitchen is probably my favorite room in the house; the exposed beams, cabinets, stools, light fixtures makes me want to whip up a batch of homemade pancakes, crispy bacon and hot chocolate and laze around on a snowy winter morning.

Love the use of pattern in the Guest Room, and the paneled walls.

I love everything about this house, and what's so refreshing is that apparently Brooks' parents used a majority of furniture they already owned, as opposed to filling the house with all brand new furniture. It adds to the character and warmth to have familiar, worn-in pieces spread throughout. My MOST favorite detail however is this.....

This is a tree stump in the front hallway which the family uses as a Guest Book! Such a creative wonder Amanda has such a fresh approach to style, clearly her family is full of innovative minds.

Photos by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Monday, January 17, 2011

golden globes

i wasn't entirely blown away by the ceremony as a whole, although i am happy about colin firth's and natalie portman's much deserved wins. of course the fashion was fun to look at and my favorites happened to be vogue's favorites as well (except i'm swapping georgina chapman and nicole kidman for two others, see who and why below...)

Natalie Portman, Viktor & Rolf

Michelle Williams, Valentino

Olivia Wilde, Marchesa

Hailee Steinfeld, Prabal Gurung

Emma Stone, Calvin Klein

Clare Danes, Calvin Klein

Tilda Swinton, Jil Sander

Rhea Durham, Michael Kors

i'm swapping Vogue's choice of Georgina Chapman for Anne Hathaway, mainly because i thought she looked radiant in her gown, but i loved that dramatic back to oppose the front (the front was a bit like beautiful armour...)

Anne Hathaway, Armani Prive

and i'm also swapping Vogue's choice of Nicole Kidman (in Prada) for January Jones because of her bold choice. for those who didn't watch or peruse the internet for pictures, the bottom of this Versace dress is long fringe so it's open when she walks and actually is quite short. this was a risky look but i loved to see someone being bold in that sea of green, long sleeves, and covered necks (unfortunately angelina jolie succumbed to all three of those rather boring trends)

January Jones, Versace

my top choices were Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and surprisingly Hailee Steinfeld. I thought Hailee's overall look was great (hair, makeup, dress etc) and i loved that she wore a young and up and coming designer. we are sure to see more of hailee (and prabal gurung!)


Photos:, (Anne Hathaway & January Jones)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

le weekend...

while half of me feels like wrapping up in blankets and not moving much at all...

it's the weekend and i am in need of a night out on the town with friends...

it's a bit chilly for this little number above but i will be channeling her vibe: fun, flirty and a dash of glamour

Friday, January 14, 2011

black swan

my mother and i saw this recently and agreed that it was fantastic, particularly the colors and costumes*--they were simply perfect. the grey tulle tutus, the pale pink slippers, the grace of the dancers and natalie's on.

Photos: Paul de Luna via Candace Lesage blog, Patrick Demarchelier, dancers & natalie via Patterson Maker

*Ballet costumes were created especially for the film by the fabulously talented Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte (who's shows are frequented by Ms. Natalie Portman soon-to-be-Millepied, herself!)

Monday, January 10, 2011


I normally am not one to make resolutions for the sole reason that I can't seem to keep them...but this year I'm attempting to, starting with this blog! Maybe writing them down here will force me to keep up with them...? These are my top 5...

1. Finally start a blog (and hopefully get some followers!)
2. Travel more (Paris and San Fran are definite MUSTS this year)
3. Learn to drive stick (my family's red Jeep Wrangler is calling my name...has been for 5+ years)
4. Be more philanthropic (something we could all probably do more of!)
5. Take more time for myself (i.e get lost in museums, more pedicures, take a design class, read engaging books, dress up more often, etc.)

Photo: Sarah Richardson Farm by Michael Graydon (via The Marion House Book)

new year, new blog!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and as one of my new years resolutions I am finally biting the bullet and joining the ever expanding, and certainly ever inspiring, blogging community. Having found much inspiration through continuous clicks of a button, I hope that this might return the favor and bring some inspiration to you. Stay tuned for new posts on interior and exterior design, art, fashion, travel etc., and with any luck, they will add a little "joie de vivre" to our often harried and hectic lives.

xo B

Photo: Unknown, via Habitually Chic