Sunday, June 12, 2011

uxua casa.

this weekend wasn't as sunny as i'd hoped, but it allowed me to do a whole lot of lounging and relaxing. this hotel in brazil is one place i'd love to jet off to for an ultimate luxe vaca full of relaxing and lounging. the decor is rustic and minimal--very native and natural looking.

the Uxua Casa Hotel is set in an old fishing village on the southern coast of Brazil. the design was done by Wilbert Das and is certainly in keeping with the authentic history of the village--in fact, a lot of the furniture incorporates local pieces from old abandoned farmhouses, tree trunks, fishing boats, coconut shells and beyond...i love discovering new places to explore, especially when they have such rich design to appreciate

hope you had a relaxing weekend!


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  1. Hi Betsy,

    I am planning on settling down and reading all of your blog postings later. Absolutely love this one and your observations are so keen. You and your mom def cut from the same cloth with that eye for all things chic!

    xx Sarah Mitchell